The Best Position For Speed Reading

Speed reading is an acquired skill. Its not something that can be done by just anyone and its also not something that can be done anywhere. You wont often see a person holding a book in their hand and speed reading as they are sitting on a park bench or riding on a bus. It requires not only a place of concentration but also a manner of positioning yourself and the book for the best possible results.

In order for the eye to successfully scan the page at the rate that is required for speed reading, the reading material needs to be a certain distance from the eye and it also needs to be placed in a specific position. Ideally the book will be about fifteen inches from your face and it should be placed at a slight slant. The reason for this is that its easier for the eyes to read material when its not placed completely flat 무료스포츠중계 on a desk. Therefore you can either place another book behind it or purchase a device that is designed to hold the book for you. Either way, youll then have the book sitting the way you need it to be for optimum reading.

Your body should also be in a specific position. Often we lay in bed as we read, and although this bodes well in the area of rest, its not productive to speed reading. The best position for your body during speed reading is to be sitting upright.

Many people find it best to sit at a desk while they are speed reading. Their back is straight and the book is placed in the right position. Having a dim lamp nearby is also ideal.

It goes without saying that the room you are in should be quiet. A lot of noise, such as other people talking, a television or a radio can interfere with your concentration. Your mind needs to be centered and focused on the material that you are reading and being in a room free of distraction works towards that goal.

One of the best places to develop your speed reading skills is the library. The reasons are many and obvious. The library has many books to choose from. The library affords a very quiet environment. Your concentration would be at a peak there without the outside influence of noise that can occur in a home or office. Another perk associated with the library is that they generally are furnished with reading cubicles or booths. Many of these offer desks that are designed to hold books. They are crafted with a slight slant which is perfect for the speed reader.

By taking a trip to the library once a day or even several times a week, it will give you the chance to work on your reading skills in an environment specifically designed for the comfort of the reader. As you improve your reading skills, youll be surrounded by literary choices which will guarantee that youll never get bored of the material.

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