Slot Machines and RNG

If you are anything like me, as soon as websites start going on about anything that they refer to in abbreviation, for example RNG, I switch off and hope it’s not important. After all, if it was really important, or indeed understandable, they wouldn’t talk about it in code, right? Well, I got a bit of a shock when someone actually explained to me what RNG was – it’s really quite interesting, and useful: listen up!

RNG stands for Random Number Generation and it’s a technology that is used to imitate any other form of creating randomness like a shuffle or a dice throw. So, when a website tells you that they’re RNG is the best, they mean that they’re numbers are the most like a naturally randomly generated result, like me shuffling a deck. RNG, because it’s entirely computer reliant is also very safe as it 꽁머니 isn’t susceptible to human corruption such as not being a good shuffler, or not giving a strong spin.

Now, in terms of slots this is really interesting. In the good old days there would be wheels inside the machine that would spin and give us a randomly generated result in the shape of images that lined up....

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