Jacquard Ribbon

The Jacquard Ribbon dates all the way back to the early 1800’s. This was during the Industrial Revolution when factories just started to arise. Before 무료스포츠중계 mechanical devices and weaving machines were invented, fabric was woven by hand which was a timely task. The new machines produced this fabric at an exceptionally faster rate, but it was only able to produce simple patterns, not the detailed ones that skilled workers could create.

Soon enough, the Jacquard Loom was created to solve this problem, which was an attachment to a loom, and it allowed the machine to create very intricate designs just as fast as any other simple pattern or design. Many people lost their jobs because the Jaquard Ribbon no longer needed to be manually produced. The process is quite complicated, it can be compared to that of a pasteboard card.

Each hole has a different action, so basically, one could alter the loom’s actions to create whatever design they were trying to produce. Not only did this spark the development of intricate designs in ribbon, it spread to many other industries. The idea of the pasteboard card, or punch card concept, many other developers followed it and...

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